Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summary of Globalization Goes High-Tech: A Worrisome World of Abundance - mass customization

William E. Halal talks about shared knowledge as abundance in his book Technology’s Promise that will continue to shape the way the world does business. The seven areas he forecasts for this are designed material, mass customization, micromachines, modular homes, nanotechnology, smart robots and smart sensors. I found the mass customization to be of great interest showing the change from mass production as people express distinctiveness. This made me think of shopping with my daughter and her friends recently and realizing that it was not just about having the latest cool clothes or phone but how to make them your own to stand out. This can also be seen with computer sales playing old kids songs to highlight the bright colors they now come in. The computer itself has not really changed but the kids now all want the new blue or pick one because it is an extension of their style. Halal gave a 2010 to 2016 for this and based on what I’ve seen I think he is right on the money.

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